Terms and Conditions 

Terms & conditions

The Service Provider (The Avalon Project) will offer an alternative education placement to the Client for the leaner enrolled .


The placement will be delivered during term time only and on day(s) to be agreed between 10am to 3:00pm.


The aim of this placement is to provide an opportunity for the learner to gain new skills and qualifications in a vocational context.


The Service Provider will organise enrichment activities during the course of each academic year.


The course will provide the opportunity for the learner to gain certificates in their chosen course, if appropriate.


The Service Provider will keep a record of attendance and upon request can provide attendance records to the Client.


When requested, the Service Provider will furnish the Client with a progress report at the end of each term.


In the unlikely event that a learner is to be sent home or excluded, the Service Provider will notify the Client as soon as possible.


The learner will remain on roll with The Service Provider until notified by the Client.


To formally end a student’s placement the Client must notify the provider in writing giving one term notice.


The Client will be responsible for any invoices until the learner is confirmed un-enrolled by the service provider.




Our invoices are charged irrespective of attendance.


Our payment terms are payment on receipt of invoice.


Failure to make payment on time, will result in the learner being removed from the course with the Client remaining liable for the termination period.


Should The Service provider have to cancel a session, due to unforeseen circumstances the service provider will offer the client a reimbursement except for in cases of force majeure.