Welcome to the Avalon Project website. Avalon Project is a proud member of the Shadow Rock Alliance. We are currently recruiting new members, please see our recruitment page for more info!

We’re mainly a pve focused corporation who mission and run incursions and have fun while doing it. We also pvp on the side. We provide a host of web applications for our members, including voice comms.

ACWA is Released!

After 2 months of development we are pleased to announce that ACWA v1.0 has been released. ACWA stands for Avalon Corporations Web Application, and has been written from the ground up by members of Avalon Project, for Avalon Project. We will continue to develop ACWA and provide more and more services to the corp through an all in one integrated application.

The History of Avalon Project

After more than 6 years in operation, Avalon Project is proud to announce that a brief history of the corporation has been published on our website! Within this history we look at who founded the corporation and walk through how it came to be the corporation it is today. We have made this available to the public as we are all very proud of our adventure together and what we have become!

Go and check it out here.

New In-House Store Now Open!

Avalon Project is proud to announce a new in-house store for corp members. This has been made bespoke for our corp and ties into our forum user database, as part of our effort to centralise all corp members logins to make their life easier.

The store can be used to order ammo/rigs/ships etc… at a reduced cost (dependant on supplier), and provides industrialists with an interface to sell their goods to corp members. It also provides an easy way to choose the price, from manufacturing cost, to Jita price, to a middle ground or a margin you define. Prices are updated twice a day so that prices remain accurate as best as possible.

Mission Runner Stats Updated

We provide a whole host of statistics for our corp members when it comes to Mission Running and other forms of taxable PVE income. With Incursions looking profitable again we have updated the Mission Runner Stats to work nicely with what little data CCP provide via the API. A new Incursions tab allows members to see a daily graph of isk made via Incursions, list of what each member made, plus how many sites they have run. In addition to this and other small changes, CONCORD is now listed as an agent for Incursions, so that our agent tab makes more sense and isk doesn’t appear to come from nowhere in the statistics.

AT X Advert

After much discussion with corporation members we have created our advert which has got the go ahead from CCP. It isn’t anything too fancy, but being limited to 15seconds is hard work and this was the best a small corporation could come up with. I hope you like it.

AT X Advert

Corp Merchandise

Avalon Project is pleased to announce that it is now selling T-shirts, Hoodies and Stickers with the corp logo on it. You can choose just the logo, or the logo and the corp name. There is a large variety of sizes and colours available and even the option to choose if the design is on the front or back. Please click here for the logo only version, and here for the logo and text version.

Capital Component BPC Shop

Avalon Project is pleased to announce its capital component BPC shop. For more information and an order form please click here.

Second Recruitment Video

Our second recruitment video is now complete! Check it out on our recruitment page and make sure to watch it in HD.

New website

The website has been moved over to a new platform allowing for a better look and easier use. Any suggestions or improvements or even bugs please post on the forums. Thanks.

Live Streams


  • VictimPilot: Ailom Kado
    Ship: Heron (1.02m)
    System: J004283 (-1.0)
    Kill: Sergei Z. (+1)
  • VictimPilot: PapaStalin Iosif
    Ship: Caracal (12.6m)
    System: J004283 (-1.0)
    Kill: Zerox S. (+0)
  • VictimPilot: Steve-o SWD
    Ship: Capsule (97.2m)
    System: J165803 (-1.0)
    Kill: Zerox S. (+7)
  • VictimPilot: Jeannie Jonson
    Ship: Capsule (21.2m)
    System: J165803 (-1.0)
    Kill: Effigial (+7)
  • VictimPilot: Jeannie Jonson
    Ship: Abaddon (260m)
    System: J165803 (-1.0)
    Kill: xKesterx (+9)